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  Appetizers - Japanese

Fuji Tempura Roll $8.50  
    Deep fired roll of vegetables, crabmeat and fish
Age Nasu $5.00  
    Fried eggplant with Miso Sauce
Age Tofu $5.00  
    Deep-fried tofu served with sauce
Beef Negimaki $9.00  
    Grilled rolls of beef and scallions; Delicious sauce
Beef Tataki $9.50  
    Seared outside-rare inside; Served cold with Ponzu Sauce and spices
Beef Ukke $9.00  
    Spicy raw beef and cucumber
Cheese Maki $5.00  
    Deep-fried cheddar cheese in pastry
Chicken Kara Age $6.00  
    Fried chicken wings
Chicken Liver $6.00  
    Chicken liver sauteed sweet and delicious
Chicken Soup $4.95  
    Japanese-style chicken and vegetable in clear broth
Chicken Yaki Tori $5.50  
    Grilled teriyaki chicken on a skewer(3)
Chuka Iidako $6.95  
    Cooked and marinated baby octopus
Chuka Karage N/A $5.95  
    Marinated jelly fish
Combo Appetizer $13.00  
    Combination of Egg Roll, Gyoza, shumai, and Yaki Tori
Crab and Spinach Soup $4.95  
Denaku $5.00  
    Grilled tofu on a skewer with sauce
Dynamite App $7.00  
    Rice topped with mixed seafood, mushroom, onions baked in a rich sauce
Ebi Fry $7.50  
    Crispy fried jumbo shrimp
Edamame $5.50  
    Steamed and salted soybeans
Fish Soup $4.95  
    Japanese-style fish and vegetables in Miso broth
Fuji Hana Chef Salad $10.00  
    Choice of Miso Honey, Ginger, or Peanut Dressing
Green Mussel $7.00  
    Steamed green mussel in sake
Green Salad $3.00  
    Choice of Miso Honey, Ginger, or Peanut Dressing
Grilled Squid $7.50  
Gyoza $6.00  
    Fried or steamed pastries stuffed with seasoned meat; Served with a spicy dipping sauce
Haru Maki $5.50  
    Vegetable egg rolls
Hiya Yako $5.00  
    Cold tofu served with scallions and ginger
Hyachi Wakame $6.00  
    Cold seasoned seaweed
Iso Awabi N/A $5.95  
    Pickled abalone and seaweed
Kani Su $8.75  
    Crab rolled in cucumber with masago, avocado in rice vinegar
Kushiyaki - Beef $2.25  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Chicken $1.95  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Mushroom $1.00  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Octopus $2.25  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Salmon $2.25  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Shishamo $2.00  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Shrimp $2.25  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Squid $1.95  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Kushiyaki - Tuna $2.25  
    A La Carte; Yaki Tori
Magic Mushroom $7.95  
    Grilled Portabello with Dynamite
Miso Ae $8.50  
    Conch, octopus, and cucumber in Miso dressing
Miso Soup $3.00  
    Delicate broth with Miso, wakame, seaweed, tofu, and scallions
Nabe Yaki $9.00  
    Wheat noodle, vegetables, shrimp tempura fish cake, mussels, and poached eggs
Oshitashi $5.00  
    Cold cooked spinach in sauce
Sashimi Appetizer $12.00  
    Sliced raw fish, salmon, tuna, and white fish, with soy sauce and wasabi; Work of Art!
Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops $8.50  
    Sauteed shrimp or scallop with mushrooms
Seafood Salad $8.50  
    Salad with shrimp, conch, octopus, and crab; Choice of Miso Honey, Ginger, or Peanut Dressing
Seafood Soup $7.00  
    Shrimp, scallop, whitefish, mussels in Miso broth
Shrimp Cocktail $7.00  
Shrimp Shumai $7.00  
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer $9.00  
    Shrimp and vegetable tempura
Shu Mai $6.00  
    Pork filled dumplings
Soft Shell Crab $5.95  
    One Crispy fried soft shell crab; Served with Ponzu Sauce
Spicy Conch or Octopus* $8.50  
Sui Mono $2.50  
    Japanese clear soup
Suno Mono $8.50  
    Seafood and cucumber in tangy rice vinegar
Sushi Appetizer $9.00  
Tempura - Chicken $2.25  
    A La Carte
Tempura - Fish $2.25  
    A La Carte
Tempura - Kaiage $1.50  
    A La Carte; Mixed vegetable fritter
Tempura - Shrimp $2.25  
    A La Carte
Tempura - Sweet Potato $1.50  
    A La Carte
Tonjiro $4.25  
    Pork tenderloin in Miso broth and Japanese vegetables
Tsuke Mono N/A $3.00  
    A selection of Japanese pickles
Tuna Tataki $11.50  
    Seared tuna; Served with Ponzu Sauce
Usuzukuri $12.00  
    The thinnest slices of fish imaginable!
Vegetables Naruto $7.00  
    Vegetables wrapped with cucumber in a tangy vinigarette
Vegetables Tempura App $7.50  
Yasai Itame $5.50  
    Sauteed mixed vegetables

" * " indicates that the item can be made spicy